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Got some #bogus paper from @rpscincinnati the other day, and let me say, it is glorious. White ink FTW
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there’s so much to adore in a heart that is blue

it is 1:30 am and i have been listening to jhnmyr music on shuffle for over 3 hours and counting. so this is my john mayer appreciation post because, well, john mayer…

he has this amazing ability to articulate thoughts and emotions in such a poetic, versatile, and ever-relatable way.

seriously. hands down one of the most gifted lyricists ever.

his words just send me to this place in my head… and i am damn scared for the day that i meet a man that can express himself so beautifully and honestly.


Re-watch the *EMMY WINNING* show HITRECORD ON TV today. 

We’re showing the whole first season at 5e/2p.

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